DIY Brow Tinting for Under $7

Rise and shine! I just wanted to start off by saying I’m sorry I haven’t been active – I got my first job, moved into a new city, and have been adjusting to working from 8-5:30 pm while balancing the rest of everything else that’s going on. But, I’m back (if anyone’s really reading.. hehe). Now, onwards, the main star of the show: brow tinting.

As a fellow no-brow gal, I struggle with having little caterpillars that have no tail for eyebrows. In short, I don’t have brows. I tried micro-blading my eyebrows, but I forgot to touch it up (I know..shame on me) and it faded. I also wanted to try micro-blading in the ombre style later on, but that’s for another post.

In an attempt to keep it bougie on a budget, I found a way to tint my own brows for less than $7 over a six month period. That comes out to about $1.16 a month! By tinting my brows, it also slightly tints my skin. This leaves me able to leave my house without feeling self-conscious about my non-existent eyebrows!

A completed makeup look with my brow tint
No brow products needed! After the tint, this is what my eyebrows look like – natural with some color.

What you’ll need to get is Just for Men Beard Dye. I used this specific brand, but I’m sure any will work. I got it in the color Medium Brown. After having tried it 3 times, I definitely could have gone for the color Dark Brown if I wanted a darker tint.

On the website, it comes out to $8.49 with free shipping but you can get it at Walmart for a little bit cheaper.

Make sure to get the ones with the squeeze tubes of hair developer, as you can reuse the tubes over and over which really gets you a bang for your buck!

Additionally, if you’re unsure of how your skin will react, do a small patch test on your arm.

Just for Men's Beard Dye used to tint my brows
What comes inside the Beard Dye box

The first step that I did was outline the desired shape of my brows with concealer. I used Colourpop’s No Filter Matte Concealer, but any will do. The concealer helps keep your eyebrow tint application more precise while adding a layer of protection. If you don’t have a concealer, you can opt for Vaseline. Personally, I find it a bit too messy and less precise but to each their own!

Additionally, you can get an idea of what my eyebrows looked like pre-tint. They’re very sparse towards the end, and have no color!

Concealing the areas around my brows so I can get ready for tinting
Concealer is outlined around the desired shape of my brows

I squeezed out a pea-size amount of each tube, mix it with the end of the brush as a stick, and waited about 10 seconds for the color to mix. The amount here is even too much – you can use about half of the amount I used in the photo below.

Pea sized amounts needed for my brow tinting

Next, using a clean eyeliner brush, I applied the dye to the desired areas of tinting to my brows. At first, it won’t be very dark (as seen below) but it will darken up over time, as the developer sets in. Don’t be alarmed! This is normal and it won’t be that dark when you take it off.

I left it on my brows for 20 minutes because the first time I tried this, I left it on for 10 minutes as it instructed on the box. For me, 10 minutes left too light of a tint. I would suggest trying it for 10 minutes, and the next week after, trying 20 minutes. If it’s still too light, I would heed caution and try 5-minute increments.

After the dye is applied to my brows - there is a dark tint at first but it won't show up this way after it's removed!
After 20 minutes, this is what the dye darkened up to

The 20 minutes always pass by quickly – I’m always playing Candy Crush or scrolling on my social media. There’s no pain or tingling on my brows. I usually wipe it off with my microfiber cloth, hop in the shower, or just wash my face.

Here’s the finished result! There are no brow products in my brows.

A photo of my brows post-tinting!

It really is quite simple, and it lasts about a week to a week and a half. It’s temporary but it takes such a small part of my day that I’m willing to do this until one day, I get my eyebrows Ombre micro-bladed.

I hope this helps some of my fellow eyebrow-less friends!

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  1. Where are your glasses from? They look so good!

    1. Thank you so much! I got them from! I love them, they were affordable and are super stylish. I believe they’re in the style “St. Michel”! 🙂

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