Hello all and welcome to my blog! In honor of my first blog post, I thought I’d introduce myself a little bit more to you.

My name is Cindy, and I am currently living in Houston, Texas. I finished my undergrad at the University of Texas in Austin. I majored in Corporate Communications and am really hoping to (one day!) find myself in the Marketing industry!

Some of the things I also enjoy doing in my spare time is:

  • doing my make-up (and I admit — I may slightly be a hoarder)
  • creating stylish outfits on a budget
  • singing horribly to songs in the car while knowing approximately 5% of the lyrics
  • playing tennis and weight training

I like to think of myself as being curious and having an innate passion to really learn a bit about everything and anything!

Why this blog came to be

This blog started as a way to express myself in all of my tiny facets of life that I’ve taken an interest in. I love to review things (I’m looking at you, Yelp) and as I’m quite outspoken, I love to share what I think about!

One of my favorite meals – a Vietnamese-cajun fusion crawfish boil

My hopes are to also use this as a way to document and track my progress. Life has passed by so quickly. I blink and I feel like years pass by without me noticing. And frankly.. it’s a little bit scary.

Lastly, if there’s one regret I have in life, it’s me not furthering pursuing my passions into my early adult years. I had an online Instagram shop, made graphic and web designs, and didn’t start a YouTube channel at a young age. All because I didn’t think it’d be important or useful in the future.

The common denominator behind all of those regrets is my reluctance to push myself to grow. That ends here.

Which brings me to this: what better way to remember all the fond memories I’ve had and the growth I’ve made, and learn from my mistakes?

I hope you all come along with me for my process!

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